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Fresh. Urban. Now.

Those are the three words that best describe new artist Elyscia. Although the contemporary urban artist is brand new to the music business, she is no stranger to music. The attractive and talented songstress has been belting out tunes for most of her life. Her captivating voice has opened doors to sing background for R&B greats like Jennifer Hudson and Regina Belle, providing new platforms to showcase her exceptional musical skills. A Baltimore-based vocalist and songwriter, Elyscia is now taking her music worldwide with the release of her blazing debut single, “Nobody Else” on the One Vision Music, LLC, label.

Her father, popular producer and songwriter Elliot Jefferson, knew there was something special about his child when she grabbed the mic in church on Sunday morning and sang to her hearts content – at the age of 3. She found herself singing to tracks that her Dad was working on and harmonizing easily to tunes on the radio during family trips; simply put, singing just came easy to her. Seeing the gifting in their daughter, her parents encouraged her to sing. “When I was young, my parents would ask me questions and I would sing it to them,” she recalls. Music seemed to flow out of the young artist and at the age of 7, she knew singing was her life’s passion.


A few years later, her vocal talent prowess was accented by songwriting, something she says that she has to be inspired to do. “My songs come from the heart,” she says. “I can’t force a song. I can’t just sit down and say, ‘I’m going to write a song today’. And what I have found is that songs can come to me at any time.” A prolific songwriter, she loves sharing her heart through her music. As a fifth grader, she enhanced her talents by studying piano, but her voice seemed to always take center stage. The local buzz about her vocal skills started when she performed at the Columbia Teen Idol Competition a few years later. Continuing to add to her growing list of musical titles, she is also a producer, following in her father’s footsteps.


It’s those same musical talents that inspired the new single, “Nobody Else”. Penned by her uncle, Johnie Steele, and herself, the track talks about finding that one true love. Produced by Steele and Jefferson, the hip hop-influenced track finds Elyscia singing about a relationship that has taken a turn. With thick beats and a strong urban vibe, “The song is about having that one person on your mind, someone you have a hard time not thinking about,” says Elyscia.


“Nobody Else” is a milestone for the 16-year-old. Her introduction as a recording artist thrills her and she’s excited to present her music to the world. She relishes a chance to let all her musical gifts shine through. Some of her previous musical experience has been supporting other artists such as backing up R&B superstars Jennifer Hudson and Regina Belle. She has performed at the Family Belong Together March and was a featured soloist at the March for Our Lives, which was covered on CNN. In addition to her coverage on the cable news network, she’s been seen on CBS’ WBAL-TV in Baltimore twice and on ABC’s Platform. A student at North County High School in Glen Burnie, MD, she’s honored with the opportunities she’s had to share her gifts with other artists, but she knows, with the release of the new single, it’s her time to step into the spotlight.


An artist who shuns the limitations of genres – like her idols Michael Jackson and Beyoncé – she desires to inspire through R&B, pop, hip hop and inspirational music.

"For me, it's important that my music touches people. I want my music to mean something."

                                                             - Eylscia

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